Sokbreker Has Various Features, This is Their Function, Don’t Make the Wrong Settings!

Automorbit, Motorcycle – Sokbreker functions to reduce shocks, so that the driver is comfortable when crossing various road conditions.

Sokbreker Has Various Features, This is Their Function, Don’t Make the Wrong Settings

In addition, the shock absorber also makes the motorbike stable when driving.

But, did you know that the sokbreker has several features, especially in the big motorcycle or aftermarket sokbreker.

If on a small motorbike, the most stuck is just preload. So what is preload?

An overview of the sokbreker’s work process, starting from rebound, HSC, and LSC

“Preload adjuster is to make hard or soft sokbreker settings, without having to increase or decrease the volume of sokbreker oil,” opens Eddy Saputra, Director of PT. Sena Autopart (SAP) as the official distributor of Ohlins in Indonesia.

But in fact there are still many motorbike users who don’t know, even wrong in setting this preload.

“People rarely know how to preload settings. Sometimes there are those who say it hard, even though the harshness is due to bottoming, aka being stuck, “said Dede Widya Purnama, from ADD Suspension.

Still said Dede, this preload is to adjust the height and the low of the motorbike, “For example, XMAX is 335 mm long, then the preload setting is made 15 mm. Now, when it hits the weight of the rider and the motorbike, the pretentious is 4 cm collapsed, obviously this is too collapsing and is at risk of bottoming. , because the rest of the travel is low, “he explained.

So, the preload setting needs to be added, “For daily subsidence is about 1/3 of the travel, or 2 cm to 3 cm,” added Dede.

Furthermore, some shock absorbers also feature damper rebound and compression.

“The goal is so that the tires can be traction, so the tires must be on the asphalt continuously, if not on the asphalt means there is no traction,” continued Dede whose workshop is on Jl. Abdul Latief, Mupusan, Sukoharjo, Central Java.

Compression and rebound have different click settings, some are only 10 clicks to 24 clicks.


“Usually, set in the middle, for example, a total of 24 clicks means that you first set it to 12 clicks, then use the way to feel it. The compression function helps the performance per bumpy road, the rebound function returns the shock in time, ”he explained.

In sokbreker premium, in more detail there are Low Speed ​​Compression (LSC) and High Speed ​​Compression (HSC).

“LSC only absorbs body weight against gravity in a slow and controlled manner, such as passing through a soft berm or hole,”

“HSC functions when it hits a large rock or high jump motor, so its job is to withstand excessive loads. Speed ​​above means the speed of the shock absorber piston working, not the speed of the motor,” continued Eddy.

One of the symptoms of a rebound setting that is returning too quickly, is the motorbike swinging or unsteady when turning fast or when the road is bumpy.

“But if the rebound back over time can also make it hard, this is because the shock absorber has not dropped to its original position but has already been bumpy again, so it ends up feeling hard,”

“Different people have different settings, if those who like to be fast need hard support, if you like walking, you need a gentle one. So there is no standard,” explained Dede, who is originally from Ponorogo, East Java.

How, you understand?

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