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2021 bmw m3

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Yes, everyone’s talking about that grille. But believe us that once you run though the gears on a six-speed manual transmission that’s hooked to a 473-horsepower straight six, you forget about the grille. Especially if you’re trying to earn a high score on the in-car drift analyzer.

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Yes, there it is: The Grille. Time will tell whether we get used to it.

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Isle of Man Green is one of the new colors, and it’s a good one.

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A carbon fiber roof is standard. BMW says the optional sunroof will add around 60 pounds, which sounds like a good reason to skip it.

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Almost an Alfa-like aspect from this angle, no?

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Quad exhaust is standard. An optional titanium exhaust trims about 11 pounds but adds no extra power.

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The M Drift Analyzer encourages this sort of thing, and the car is happy to tolerate big slip angles.

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Why is there dirt on that tire? Must’ve been a muddy spot out there somewhere.

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This would earn three stars, maybe, from the judgmental Drift Analyzer.

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The M3 remains a track rat mashed up with a luxury car, happy in either mission.

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Carbon brakes are optional, and welcome on the track.

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The M Drift Analyzer adds points for speed, so chucking it sideways at 60 mph (probably about what you see here) earns a higher score than low-speed wet-skidpad antic. Usually.

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The wet skidpad helped the M3 show off its balance. It could do this until it ran out of gas.

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Would a Euro-style front license plate help? Just spitballing here.

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The base M3 makes 473 horsepower, which feels like plenty.

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If you really want to disguise the front end, go for an M3 in black. But this green looks pretty great.

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The all-wheel-drive Competition models will be able to do this, too, with a rear-drive mode.

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Even with big carbon brakes, 473 horsepower will declare victory at the rear end if you care to do a brakestand.

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The M3 cockpit feels both modern and old-school cozy. Which is funny since this thing’s the size of an E39 5-series.

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Not the M Carbon seats, but plenty supportive nonetheless.

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