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2019 honda monkey

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While the Honda Monkey might look like the minibike you had when you were 12 years old, it’s a full-fledged motorcycle with a four-speed manual transmission, fuel injection, and an inverted front fork. And it’s street legal, which makes it feel like you’re getting away with something every time you ride it.

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Upon its debut, the Honda Monkey shared its 125-cc single-cylinder engine with the Grom, but the Grom got a more powerful engine and a five-speed transmission for 2022. We expect that setup will make its way to the Monkey at some point.

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With a seat height of 30.6 inches, the Monkey is low-slung and agile.

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Dual rear coil-over dampers lend to the Monkey’s retro aesthetics, but the front end uses a modern inverted fork.

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Suspension travel measures 3.9 inches up front and 4.1 inches at the rear.

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The Monkey’s single-overhead-cam engine features fuel injection and electric start.

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The Monkey’s exhaust has one of the tiniest catalytic converters you’ll find on the road.

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With 12-inch tires, you’ll want to keep an eye out for potholes when riding the Monkey.

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The bike’s simple LED gauge display blinks out a monkey face when you start it up.

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The Monkey is available in red or blue, with or without ABS. All ABS models are red.

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Going downhill on the Monkey, you might hit the most exciting 60 mph of your life.

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