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When you search for car insurance, you want to make the best deal. Root car insurance is one company you may want to consider.

What is Root Car Insurance?

The Root is an insurance company in Columbus, Ohio. The company claims to offer auto insurance based on how drivers drive. They use usage-based insurance (UBI), which collects information about driving habits through telematics devices. Root car Insurance bases premiums on the data they collect.

What is The Biggest Strength of Root?

The biggest strength of Root Insurance is low rates. However, Root Insurance has the reputation of poor customer service and limited coverage options.

What Other Insurance Coverages Does Root Offer?

Root offers standard auto insurance coverage options such as collision and comprehensive coverage, bodily injury and property damage liability, and uninsured or underinsured coverage.

Root Insurance offers coverage for drivers in states with specific auto insurance requirements, such as medical payment coverage and personal injury coverage. Root has roadside assistance with their policies.

How Does Root Car Insurance Work?

Root Insurance has an app that uses your phone’s GPS to gather your driving information, such as your driving speed, how fast you take turns, the time of day you tend to drive, the smoothness of driving, and braking patterns.

Root insurance uses machine learning to tell if you are a passenger or driver. The insurance company, according to Not Waiting to Drive, has a Test Drive users must pass. Root gives you a quote for insurance or declines to cover when the Test Drive is over, depending on how safely you drive. The company doesn’t cover high-risk drivers that flout legal driving speeds or otherwise engage in reckless driving behavior.

How Long Does the Test Drive App Take?

Root Insurance may monitor you for up to a month. The average for the test drive, however, is three weeks. You can check how much time you have left of the Test Drive with the app. The app will let you know how much time you have left until the company will decide about your approval.

How Does Root Price Their Car Insurance Premiums?

Root car insurance has basic coverage options.

Does Root Have Gap Insurance?

Root does not have gap insurance for new cars, so you might consider another company for this.

What Are Root’s Reviews?

Most reviews are positive because of Root’s low costs. The company claims to save customers up to 52% on car insurance.

What Are the Insurance Coverages Root Insurance Offers?

Root pricing is low-cost, but coverage is not comprehensive. Root has the following insurance coverage:

  • Liability Coverage: Liability coverage covers bodily injury to others when you cause an accident and covers property damage when you cause damage to another vehicle or property. Liability insurance with collision and comprehensive insurance is optional with full-coverage insurance.
  • Car Coverage with Roadside Assistance: Root Insurance includes roadside assistance, such as towing and battery jump starts with every policy with no extra cost. Root car insurance partners with Blink to deliver its assistance. You can use services from any company they want. Root covers roadside assistance benefits for up to three incidents during the six months of your policy for $100 per incident.

  • Collision Coverage: Collision coverage pays for insured damage to a vehicle when a driver causes an accident.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive coverage pays for covered damage to a vehicle when a driver claims anything other than an accident.

  • Rental Coverage: Most car insurance companies will give drivers rental reimbursement coverage to pay for a rental car while they take your vehicle in for repair. Root car insurance pays for this service and provides drivers with their rideshare business.

  • Uninsured Motorist Property: Uninsured motorist property covers a driver’s property when an uninsured or underinsured driver damages a vehicle.

  • Medical Coverage: Medical coverage insurance has several components. The first part of the insurance is personal injury protection (PIP). PIP covers medical expenses as well as lost wages for the driver and the driver’s family. Medical payments pay for injuries to the driver or family members. Finally, the uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury insurance covers medical expenses when an underinsured or uninsured driver gives you injuries or the driver causes damage to your vehicle.

    Is There a Requirement to Get Rental Reimbursement?

    Rental reimbursement is an optional insurance and allows drivers to rent a car with reimbursement. Root also offers rideshare credits for Lyft.

    Can You Get an SR-22 Form Access with Root Insurance?

    With an SR-22, you have coverage if a court orders this provision. An SR-22 is necessary if you can’t get regular insurance because of traffic violations such as DUIs. Root can provide you with this state-mandated coverage.

    Root Car Insurance Discounts for Your Vehicle

    Root offers the following discounts to its customers:

    • No Phone Usage Discount: You can get up to a 10% discount on insurance if they don’t use cellphones while driving.

    • Autopilot: For drivers who have Tesla vehicles with automated steering, Root car insurance offers a driving discount.

    • Multiple policies: Bundling auto and home insurance can get you discounts through Root insurance.

    • Good Driving Record: Drivers with excellent driving records can get discounts. A driver would need three years of clean driving, with more discounts at the five years.

      Who is Root Car Insurance For?

      Root car insurance is for drivers with good driving records, such as not speeding, drivers looking for inexpensive car insurance, drivers who are interested in customized insurance quotes, and for students who are looking for inexpensive car insurance.

      What Drivers Aren’t Eligible for Root Car Insurance?

      Drivers who have had poor driving records should not consider Root car insurance.
      When you search for discounts you should look at bigger companies for their car insurance.

      What are Some Facts About Root Insurance You Should Consider?

      According to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Root car insurance had more than the expected number of auto insurance complaints in comparison to other insurers of like size.

      Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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