Farmer Auto Insurance

Farmers Auto Insurance is one of the oldest car insurance companies in the nation. The company offers many insurance options for drivers.

How Old is Farmers Insurance?

Farmers’ Insurance Group is an insurance company that is nearly 100 years old. The company was started to provide for an under-served market of farmers and ranchers experiencing fewer vehicle accidents, yet were unable to have rates compatible with their safety records. The two founders, John C. Tyler, and Thomas E. Leavey started the company in 1928 on the eve of the Great Depression.

Is Farmers One of the Largest Car Insurance Company?

During the catastrophic event of the Great Depression,the company survived and is now the seventh-largest auto insurer andfifth-largest home insurer in America.

Where is Farmers Based?

True to its California origins, the companyheadquarters is based in Los Angeles.

Signal by Farmers

Farmers hasn’t rested on its history. The company hasmoved into the digital age with the smartphone app Signal by Farmers. This is aprogram monitoring customer driving behavior for decreased policy fees. Acustomer downloading the smartphone app receives an immediate 5% discount withfirst use. At the next policy renewal, the discount can increase up to 15% ormore. Discounts can also decrease based on driving score. The Signal program isnot available in every state.

Benefits of Farmers Insurance

Signal is not the only reason to buy insurance from Farmers. The benefits of buying insurance from Farmers’ Insurance are safe driving discounts, auto coverage options with nearly 20 add-on options, bundling insurance packages to lower premiums, and accident forgiveness.

Another benefit of purchasing Farmers’ auto Insurance is it is one of the largest auto insurance companies. The company has many resources such as the Farmers Rewards Visa card. Its Car Shopping Service connects you with certified dealers for extra insurance benefits. A perk for antique and classiccar owners is its specialty auto insurance. With 48,000+ agents, someone to talk to about your insurance needs is readily available.

Downside of Farmers Insurance

Farmers has a few downsides. Some customer concerns are auto insurance policies that have shorter terms than carriers who write yearly auto policies. Farmers’ six-month policy terms can lead in some cases to faster rate increases. The online tool can miss or add options or miss discounts. Some consumers have dissatisfaction with customer service.

How to File a Claim with Farmers?

Filing a claim with Farmers is simple. You file your claim with Farmers any time online or by phone. With an online account, you can view the claim status at any time. An agent will follow up with you and claims.

What Is the Contact Information of Farmers Insurance?

Contact information of Farmers’ Insurance is online and email is Forcustomer service, call 888-327-6335. The claim phone number is 800-435-7764.

Is Car Insurance Required?

Car insurance is notmandatory in every state. Those states that do not have mandatory car insurance can hold drivers economically liable for damages. A driver’s best financial interest is to obtain car insurance. Farmers has numerous options to keep your vehicle insured.

What arethe Typical Coverages Offered by Farmers Insurance?

Farmers’ Insurance Group offers risk for a minorcollision where you are not at fault, a liability that pays for property damageand bodily injuries to another, and liability for property damage. Farmersoffers standard coverage for bodily injury starting at state minimum and endingat $250,000 per person and $500,000 per incident. Liability property coverage,or for defending against a damage lawsuit, is from state minimum up to $50,000per incident.

What are the Optional Coverages Offered by Farmers Insurance?

Options expand policies to cover custom parts with comprehensive and collision insurance. Farmers reimburses for car rental or other transportation. Original equipment manufacturer coverage pays for a car’s manufacturer replacement, not aftermarketparts. Farmers covers optional insurance for workers in the rideshare industry.

What are Farmers Car Insurance Coverage Discounts?

Farmers offers discounts with bundling such as withauto and home. Business groups can get discounts. Good payers who pay on time,those who enroll in electronic document delivery service, and those who havesafety or anti-theft features are eligible.

What is the Average Car Insurance Cost from Farmers by Age Group?

Farmer auto insurance can cost differently by agegroup. The costs are:

  • 21 years old for $359 per month
  • 30 years old for $271 per month
  • 42 years old for $226 per month

    Does Farmers Offer Homeowners Insurance?

    Farmers offers homeowners insurance with variouspackages.

    What are the Coverages of Farmers Homeowners’ Insurance?

    Farmers’ home insurance has three packages —Standard for new homeowners, Enhanced, and Premier for more establishedhomeowners.

    Options are Identity Shield to cover identity theft coverage and EcoShield to assist homeowners in using environmentally friendly materials. Contents replacement coverage helps homeowners receive reimbursement for the value of a new home.

    What are the Available Discounts on Farmers Homeowners’ Insurance?

    Discounts vary by state but can include discounts forrecent plumbing, heating, or electrical upgrades. Newer roofs, burglar alarms,fortified windows, and nonsmoking customers earn discounts.

    Does Farmers Have a Website?

    Farmers’ website is at

    Does Farmers Insurance have Their Own Mobile App?

    Farmer’s mobile app gives users information aboutfiling claims, bills, and payment options, viewing policies, requestingroadside assistance, and speaking with an agent.

    Does Farmers Offer Life Insurance?

    Farmers offers term, whole, and universal lifeinsurance.

    Is Farmers a Good Insurance Company?

    Overall, Farmers is a good company, with WalletHub’s editors giving the company a middle rating of 2/5, because of its comprehensive policies and insurance options such as for pets, businesses, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles.

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