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Insurance providers know their customers might need to contact them at a moment’s notice. There are many reasons you might need your car insurance open today, even if it’s outside regular business hours. Whether you need to add a new car to your existing policy, start a policy to cover a vehicle for the first time, or file a claim, things happen outside of normal business hours.

Do Car Insurance Companies Open on Weekends?

Most national car insurance companies stay open through the weekend, but individual agents might not be in their offices outside of traditional business hours. Large car insurance companies have customer service and claims agents available by phone over the weekend, and technology now makes it possible to conduct your insurance business online. You might also be able to make changes to your policy any time of day or night using a mobile app. With car insurance companies that have staff working through the weekend, you can do things like file a claim, make a premium payment, or buy a new policy on Saturday or Sunday.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance Open on the Weekend?

Because life happens over the weekend, check your insurer’s website to find out what types of services they offer on weekends. Some offices might just process insurance claims, have staff trained to change existing policies, or provide roadside assistance. Two of the most common reasons you might need to contact your insurance company over the weekend include:

  • You are buying a new car. Many car shoppers work during the week, so they look for their new vehicles over the weekend. When you find the perfect car, it’s important to make sure it’s covered when you drive it home.
  • You get into an accident. If you get into an accident on the weekend, you don’t want to have to wait until Monday to let your insurance company know and file a claim for the damage.

    Reasons for Car Insurance Companies to Stay Open on the Weekend

    Making their customer service and claims departments available on Saturday and Sunday allows insurance companies to provide customers with the services and help they need at a time that’s convenient for them. For many customers who work during the week, it’s more convenient to conduct this type of business over the weekend.

    Using Online Tools and 24-Hour Call Centers

    Most auto insurance companies have robust websites that allow you to get auto insurance quotes and purchase insurance policies online. According to Policygenius, these online tools are beneficial when shopping for a new policy because they allow you to compare the policies from many providers at once. You can also use the website or app to make payments, file a claim after an accident, and request roadside assistance. Mobile apps make it even easier to conduct your insurance business on the go.

    If you prefer to talk to someone over the phone, providers have toll-free customer service numbers you can call. These usually have weekend hours but not the 24/7 availability you get with a website or mobile app.

    District and Agent Offices Availability

    Many insurance companies have local district or sales agent offices. If you do business with one of these companies, you can walk in or make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting. The hours of operation for these offices will vary depending on the location and type of office:

    • Independent agencies: These are usually small offices run by an agent. They rent the space, pay for the expenses of doing business, and set their own hours. In these smaller operations, the agents often prefer to be in the office during business hours only.
    • District offices: Not all carriers have district offices, but if they do, they often have more flexibility than an agency if you prefer to conduct your business in person. A district office will staff several sales agents at the site and, depending on the office, have weekend hours.

      Buying Auto Insurance over the Phone

      If you find a car you want to buy over the weekend, you might need to provide proof of insurance before you can drive it off the lot. If you don’t have an existing insurance policy, most companies will provide insurance quotes over the phone on Saturdays and Sundays. You can make this process easier by doing research before you start car shopping.

      Look at a few insurance companies or agencies to determine their hours and if they are open on weekends. Have the toll-free number for the companies you might use in your phone, so you can make a quick call once you’ve decided on a vehicle. After you’ve spoken with the customer service agent and purchased a policy, you can get proof of coverage emailed to you.

      If you already own a car with insurance, your policy might cover a new car for a certain period. Check your insurance policy for this type of provision, so you know if your new car will be covered for the weekend and what type of coverage it will have.

      Can I Get Car Insurance Before I Buy a Car?

      According to WalletHub, you can add a car to your existing insurance policy before you buy it. If you’re more comfortable knowing you have the insurance coverage, contact your insurance company on Friday before going to the dealership to sign the papers. Make sure you have all the vehicle information, including:

      • VIN
      • Purchase price
      • Make and model of the vehicle
      • Purchase date

        Standard Operating Hours for Major Insurance Companies

        The standard operating hours of major insurance companies vary based on their location. If you usually work with an agent who only has weekday office hours but find the perfect car over the weekend, there is typically a hotline you can call that will allow you to add a vehicle to your policy. You can then contact your agent on Monday to follow up and, if needed, make any changes or updates to your policy.

        The key to getting car insurance over the weekend is research and preparation. Do a quick internet search to find the hours of your agency or provider and learn how they handle adding or purchasing insurance over the weekend. Have this information with you when you go car shopping.

        Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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