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Progressive teenage car insurance is ideal for people who want to save on insurance premiums for their young drivers. Standard car insurance policies for teenagers can be expensive. Because many adolescents are inexperienced drivers, they are more likely to be involved in accidents with their cars. That’s why it’s best to include your teenage driver on your current insurance policy rather than getting a new insurance policy for them.

What Is the Average Cost for Teenage Car Insurance?

While there are no available statistics to determine the average cost of car insurance for teenagers, one thing is sure: teenage car insurance is expensive. Thanks to their increased tendency to lose concentration while driving, speeding, and avoidance of seatbelts, the risk of teenage car accidents are high. Therefore, many insurers offer their adolescent car insurance at expensive rates.

According to Buyerlink, several factors like age, gender, and driving history determine a teenage car insurance price

Steps to Add Teen Drivers to Progressive Car Insurance

Follow these steps to add your newest driver in the family to your insurance policy:

1. Communicate with Your Progressive Agent Early

Inform your Progressive Insurance agent when your teenager gets a learner’s permit. You can even tell the company representative while your child is still obtaining their permit. Informing the agent ahead of time will prompt them to grant you access to Progressives’ tools and services that incorporate safe driving in beginner drivers. Also, telling your Progressive agent early will ensure that getting coverage for your teenager under your insurance policy is efficient.

2. Select the Vehicle Your Child Will Drive

Choose the car your teenager will use to practice driving and ensure they stick to it. Restricting your teenager to one vehicle will ensure that they are familiar with the car’s settings and controls. As a result, your teenager will learn to drive quickly. In addition, they are more likely to practice safe driving habits.

When selecting a car for your teenager, it’s best to choose the safest car your family owns. Your insurer will charge less for your teenage car insurance if you use a safe car because safe vehicles pose minimal risk.

3. Identify the Discounts You Qualify for and Note Them

Because teenage car insurance is expensive, Progressive often offers several discounts to drivers who include their teenagers in their existing auto insurance policy. One such discount is the good grades/good student discount. If a driver who is younger than 23 maintains a ‘B’ or better average on their grades, Progressive may award an insurance discount to their family. In addition, any policyholder that adds a teenager to their Progressive insurance may get a multi-car or multi-policy discount.

If you install Progressive’s Snapshot device in your car, it will monitor the driving habits of your teenager. Progressive may reduce your auto insurance rates if your child drives safely. The Snapshot device also identifies dangerous driving habits and informs teenagers on how to curb them.

4. Check Out Coverage Options

After your teenager gets their driver’s license, the next step is to include them in your existing car insurance. If you have informed your Progressive agent about your new teenage driver, they should contact you once your child gets their driver’s license. When the representative reaches out to you, state the vehicle your teenager will drive and review all the coverage options that the car’s current insurance offers.

If you think that the representative’s quotes’ price is too high, delay the transaction and shop around for insurers with better deals. If you find an insurance company with more favorable rates, you can share them with your agent and convince them to reduce your rates.

5. Find innovative insurance options

When a teenager causes damage with a vehicle, the law and the insurer hold the guardian or parent liable for the damage. Therefore, most people add an innovative coverage option like the umbrella liability policy while purchasing teenage car insurance.

The umbrella liability policy protects an insured family against property loss when their original liability policy cannot cover the damage caused to accident victims. This liability policy also covers an insured family when they experience financial loss. Progressive reports that the insurance company allows its customers to personalize the coverage options in their umbrella liability policy.

Once you follow these steps, you’ll find purchasing teenage car insurance easy. Consult a car insurance expert to guide you if you experience any issues during the process. You can also seek help from a Progressive agent.

Can a Teenager Buy His or Her Own Insurance?

Insurance companies permit teenagers to purchase their car insurance policy. However, state laws may affect the extent of the teenager’s ability to buy insurance. Some states require a parent or guardian to co-sign the insurance policy with the child. That said, independent teenage car insurance policies are often costly. For this reason, it’s better to include a teenager in your current insurance policy than to allow them to buy the insurance policy themselves.

Still, there are a few cases where buying a new teenage car insurance policy is the best option. These situations are:

  • The teenager can cater to their financial needs, and they prefer to be financially independent.
  • The teenager drives a luxury sports car, which can increase the rate of a joint insurance policy.

    According to insurance.com, the average cost of car insurance for a 16-year-old when included on an existing auto insurance policy are:

    • Progressive: $4223 male/$2733 female/$3478 average
    • State Farm: $2462 male/$1394 female/$1928 average
    • GEICO: $1758 male/$1632 female/$1695 average
    • Farmers: $9248 male/$5024 female/$7136 average
    • Allstate: $4112 male/$3004 female/$3558 average
    • Nationwide: $3228 male/$2486 female/$2857 average
    • Average: $4172 male/$2712 female/$3442 average

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