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The GEICO military discount is a discount that the GEICO insurance company offers to past and existing members of the U.S. military. To be eligible for the military discount, you must be in the military, be a retired member of the force, or be a National Guard officer.

Does GEICO Offer Military Discounts?

GEICO provides special discounts to retired and active members of the military in the United States of America. Also, officials from military-affiliated organizations enjoy Emergency Deployment discounts on their GEICO insurance premiums.

What Are the Types of GEICO Military Discounts?

Military service officers and military-related professionals get the following discounts at GEICO:

Emergency Deployment Discount

Military officers who are GEICO policyholders enjoy Emergency Deployment discounts on their insurance when the country deploys them to imminent danger pay areas. Re-Factor Tactical states that the Department of Defense (DOD) is in charge of naming imminent danger pay areas, and the U.S. Congress approves them.

Military Discount

GEICO grants military discounts to active and past members of the force and National Reserves and National Guards officers. Participants get a 15 percent reduction on their total coverage fees.

Auto Insurance Suspension

GEICO provides auto insurance suspension to deployed military officers who store their vehicles at their base for over 30 days. The company suspends insurance charges for participants of this discount until they return from their assigned areas.

Membership Discount

Re-Factor Tactical states that you must belong to at least one of these military organizations to qualify for GEICO’s membership discount:

  • Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)
  • Association of United States Army (AUSA)
  • Navy League of the United States (NLUS)
  • Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA)

    Also, retired military officers who are members of any of the following associations may get an additional 25 percent discount on their GEICO insurance fees:

    • National Infantry Association (NIA)
    • Fleet Reserve Association (FRA)
    • Association of the U.S. Army (AUSA)

      What Are the Differences Between GEICO and USAA?

      If you are a military officer interested in buying a car insurance policy, you are probably checking out and comparing GEICO and USAA.

      Here are the significant features that distinguish these companies:

      • Vehicle Insurance Fees: The overall cost of GEICO insurance policies is lower than USAA insurance fees. That said, some of USAA’s individual insurance fees are less expensive than their counterparts at GEICO. More so, the GEICO military discount is not available to service members in some U.S. states. ValuePenguin states that GEICO told some military officers who applied for the military discount that residents of their state were not eligible for the offer.
      • Customer Service: Research indicates that USAA may deliver better customer service to its policyholders than GEICO. Customer ratings from J.D. Powers gave USAA a score of 5/5 in customer service, and GEICO got a mark of 4/5.
      • Customer Focus: While USAA focuses on providing insurance to military officers, GEICO only treats service members as a category of customers. For this reason, most USAA insurance quotes are the most affordable coverage options for military officers. USAA’s Emergency Deployment Discount is greater than GEICO’s discount for deployed officers. Also, USAA grants the Emergency Deployment Discount to all deployed service members, irrespective of their assigned location. In contrast, GEICO only gives its Emergency Deployment Discount to military officers deployed to imminent danger areas.
      • Size of Agent Network: GEICO has fewer agents than USAA as the company prefers to use online channels for most of its services.
      • Speed of Claims resolution: USAA takes a longer time to resolve customer claims than GEICO.

        How Can I Take Advantage of the Military Discount Offered by GEICO?

        You can contact 1-800-MILITARY (1-800-645-4827) to enjoy GEICO’s military discount.

        How Much of a Discount Can Military Members Who are Deployed to Certain “Imminent Danger Pay” Zones Get with GEICO?

        GEICO offers a 25 percent discount on insurance rates to service members whom the U.S. military deploys to “imminent danger pay” areas.

        What Are GEICO’s Key Advantages?

        According to NerdWallet and Re-Factor Tactical, U.S. residents who buy insurance policies at GEICO may enjoy these benefits:

        • Competitive Prices: Compared to similar insurance plans at rival insurance companies, most GEICO insurance policies are cheap.
        • Dedicated Military Team: GEICO has a team of experienced military officers whom the company employs to attend to its customers who work in the armed forces. This team is always available to talk with and resolve the needs of military policyholders.
        • User-Friendly Website: GEICO has a user-friendly website where customers can have access to most of its insurance products and services in place of visiting agents.

          How Can I be Qualified to Receive the Emergency Deployment Discount?

          You must satisfy the following requirements to get GEICO’s Emergency Deployment discount:

          • Your regiment has deployed you to an imminent danger pay zone.
          • You have stored your car under any of GEICO’s storage protection plans.

            Is GEICO’s Emergency Deployment Discount Available in All States?

            Re-Factor Tactical reports that GEICO does not offer the emergency deployment discount to residents of certain U.S. states.

            How Can I Get a Free Quote?

            To get a free GEICO quote, visit the GEICO website to apply for the online quote rate. You can also call the company at 1-800-MILITARY (1-800-645-4827).

            How Do I Get the GEICO Affiliation Discount?

            You must be an active participant of an organization with over 50,000 active participants to qualify for GEICO’s affiliation discount. The company may also consider you for this discount if you belong to any of its 800 partner organizations. Many of GEICO’s affiliates are charities, large firms, sororities, fraternities, societies, universities, colleges, and alumni organizations. Visit the GEICO website to check if your organization is a GEICO affiliate.

            If you find your society on the GEICO partner list, log on to your organization’s website with your member details. Then, click on the ‘Member Benefits’ section and search for the GEICO insurance quote link.

            In addition, you must have an active GEICO insurance policy. Consult a GEICO customer representative at 1-800-207-7847 to apply for the affiliation discount of 8 percent on your insurance premium.

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