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Does your state require you to have an SR22 on file with the motor vehicle department? If you don’t own a car, are you still obligated to submit this document? Let’s review everything you need to know about SR22 insurance without a car.

What Is an SR22?

Have you had your driver’s license suspended or revoked? When it’s time to take the necessary steps to get it back, a significant part of the process is obtaining an SR22 form from your car insurance provider. It will file this document on your behalf with your state agency.

An SR22 filing is not insurance. It’s a form that your insurance company uses to prove to the government that they will insure you up to the legally required minimum amounts. According to The Balance, judges don’t order every ticketed driver to secure an SR22. Laws often vary by state. However, you may need to provide this form to your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in circumstances like:

  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI)
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Serious or repeat traffic offenses
  • At-fault accident with no insurance

    SR22 terms and requirements vary by state. Although, Allstate recommends these basic guidelines:

    • You may need to have an SR22 showing continuous insurance coverage for three years or longer, depending on your area’s regulations.
    • If you allow your policy to lapse or expire during this period, your insurance company will notify your state’s motor vehicle department.
    • Failure to comply with all of the SR22 filing terms will likely result in a suspended license.
    • Once you properly fulfill your state’s SR22 requirements, the government will lift your filing status.

      The court may ask you to provide an SR22 certificate even if you don’t own a car. The state could hold you liable for personal injury or property damage claims if you get into an accident while driving a friend’s car or if you rent a vehicle. In this case, you may want to contact your insurer to obtain a nonowner SR22 policy so you have the necessary documents.

      Nonowner SR22 Insurance

      Nonowner SR22 insurance is a policy designed by carriers to protect drivers who don’t own a vehicle but are state-mandated to file an SR22 as verification of your financial responsibility. Even if you don’t own a car, after the judge sentences you for a major moving violation such as reckless driving or a DUI, most states still require you to file an SR22.

      If you don’t plan on driving until the state lifts its provision, you may be able to drop your coverage. However, some people need to carry it for three to five years, depending on your area’s regulations, regardless of your nonowner status.

      Did you get rid of your car after you lost your license because you couldn’t drive it anyway? Even if you don’t have regular access to an automobile, you might want to get your driver’s license reinstated someday. If so, The Zebra recommends you contact your insurance agent and inquire about a nonowner SR22 insurance policy. Obtaining your state’s bare minimum insurance requirements may turn out to be the least costly opportunity to get your driving privileges back.

      According to WalletHub, nonowner policies with an SR22 costs between $15 and $25, or about 3 percent more than a standard nonowner policy. Because this coverage applies only to drivers and not cars, it’s generally more affordable than a regular SR22 add-on.

      This cost is primarily the carrier’s service fee for filing the form with your DMV and the added risk drivers who need an SR22 pose. The exact cost of a nonowner SR22 policy depends on where you live and how much insurance the court requires you to carry.

      Compared to a traditional car insurance policy, SR22 filings without a car will cost you pennies on the dollar. Making sure your driver’s license is in good standing before you buy a vehicle could save you thousands. It’s a wise financial decision if you want to get back on your feet and you can live without a car temporarily.

      Getting a Nonowners SR22 Insurance Policy

      Call an insurance company that writes primarily high-risk policies when you need to purchase nonowners SR22 coverage. While it is possible to secure a policy online, it’s often best to speak to a live agent. These experts can help you choose the right coverage based on your situation.

      A nonowners policy also has specific criteria, such as:

      • You cannot own a vehicle.
      • You cannot have access to other automobiles in the household, even if they belong to someone else.
      • You cannot have an ignition interlock breath device condition.

        This type of SR22 insurance policy is not going to get you street legal. However, it will get you in good standing with the state and provide you coverage if you’re ever in an accident. For example:

        You borrow your friend Steve’s car, and you cause a serious accident. Steve only has the state’s minimum liability coverage on the vehicle, and the damages exceed those limits. If you have your own nonowners policy, it will kick in to help pay off the difference.

        Remember, never let a car insurance policy with an SR22 filing expire. This habit is always a bad idea because your insurance company is obligated to notify the state when it cancels your policy. This action will likely result in a suspended driver’s license. If you allow this to happen, you may have to restart your probationary driving status over again. This unfortunate circumstance could result in another probationary term of three years or more, so always make your payments on time, every time.

        Do you need SR22 insurance without a car? Use this information in this guide to navigate your way through this often confusing topic.

        Check this out if you need additional information, resources, or guidance on car insurance.


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