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Plymouth Rock Assurance is an insurance agency committed to excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. When you purchase a Plymouth Rock insurance policy, you can rest assured that Plymouth Rock will meet all of your insurance needs.

Plymouth Rock Assurance: The Basics

Plymouth Rock Assurance was established in 1982 by Jim Stone, a former insurance commissioner for the state of Massachusetts. Plymouth Rock Assurance is a member of the Plymouth Rock Group of Companies, which is responsible for underwriting and managing more than $1 billion worth of annual homeowners and car insurance policies. According to SmartFinancial, Plymouth Rock Assurance provides automotive insurance coverage in the following states:

  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

    SmartFinancial notes that Plymouth Rock operates according to what it calls a Pledge of Assurance. This pledge means:

    • If you call during business hours, a friendly person will always answer your call.
    • An insurance expert will always answer your questions with speed and accuracy.
    • If you have a concern, an insurance expert will explain everything to you clearly.
    • If a customer representative doesn’t resolve the matter to your satisfaction, you can speak to a manager.
    • By the end of your call, you’ll know the exact next steps to take and how Plymouth Rock will keep you informed.

      Plymouth Rock also promises the following:

      • You’ll always receive accurate policies and statements.
      • Any claims you have to make will be handled in a professional and sensitive manner.
      • A physical damage assessment will be scheduled within hours of your claim and without any unreasonable delays.
      • Plymouth Rock will guarantee any repairs performed by approved providers.

        What Types of Auto Insurance Coverage Does Plymouth Rock Offer?

        According to ValuePenguin, Plymouth Rock offers the following types of auto insurance coverage:

        • Bodily Injury LiabilityRequired by every state, bodily injury liability pays for the other driver’s medical care when you’re at fault in an accident.
        • Property Damage Liability – Also required in every state, property damage liability pays for repairs to the other driver’s car when you’re at fault in an accident.
        • Collision Coverage – This covers damage to your vehicle in accidents involving multiple-car collisions or single-vehicle rollovers.
        • Comprehensive Coverage – This covers any damage that is not the result of a collision.
        • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage – This protects you if you’re in an accident and the other driver doesn’t carry insurance or has inadequate coverage.
        • Medical Payments – This coverage pays for your medical care and any lost income.
        • Towing and Labor Coverage – If you have a breakdown, this will cover towing and on-the-spot repairs.
        • Rental Reimbursement – If you have to rent a car while yours is in the shop, this will cover the costs.

          Essential Assurance

          As Motor1 notes, Plymouth Rock offers several customer loyalty programs that provide all sorts of benefits to customers who enroll. Benefits of the Essential Assurance program include:

          • Crashbusters – After an accident, you can schedule a vehicle inspection at your preferred time and location, and a Crashbusters van will meet you there.
          • Door-to-Door Valet Service – Plymouth Rock will pick up your car, deliver it to the repair shop, then bring it back to your home or office.
          • Guaranteed Repairs – Plymouth Rock will guarantee repairs to your vehicle if you use one of their preferred shops.
          • Get Home Safe – Plymouth Rock will pay for your taxi once a year if you’re unable to drive.
          • Online Services – You can pay your premiums and manage your policy online.
          • Charity Pledge – If you ever have an unsatisfactory customer service experience, Plymouth Rock will make a donation to a charity of your choice.

            Assurance Plus

            According to SmartFinancial, Assurance Plus offers all of the benefits of Essential Assurance, but also adds the following:

            • Enhanced rental coverage
            • Replacement of damaged mobile devices
            • Coverage for injured pets
            • Replacement of damaged laptops
            • Replacement of damaged child safety sets
            • Coverage for personal items damaged in an accident
            • Collision deductible waiver
            • Coverage for bail bonds
            • Coverage for lost earnings
            • Glass repair deductible waiver

              Assurance Preferred

              If you want even more benefits, you can sign up for Plymouth Rock’s Assurance Preferred program. According to ValuePenguin, you’ll receive these additional perks:

              • Roadside assistance
              • Windshield replacement deductible waiver
              • Enhanced towing and labor coverage
              • Depreciation waiver
              • Coverage for an air bag that accidentally discharges
              • Enhanced coverage for injured pets

                Assurance Premier

                Finally, there’s the Assurance Premier program. As SmartFinancial notes, this program combines the benefits of Essential Assurance, Assurance Plus, and Assurance Preferred. On top of those benefits, Assurance Premier adds the following:

                • Deductible Dollars (Earn a $50 credit for each year that you don’t file a claim.)
                • Coverage for a disrupted vacation
                • New car replacement
                • Plus one car replacement
                • Loan/lease gap coverage
                • Replacement of damaged electronic keys

                  What Kind of Discounts Does Plymouth Rock Offer?

                  According to Insurify, when you sign up for a Plymouth Rock insurance policy, you may qualify for several discounts. These include:

                  • Affinity Group Discount – If you’re a member of a club or organization that has an affinity agreement with Plymouth Rock, you’ll qualify for a discount.
                  • Defensive Driving Course Discount – To qualify, you must provide proof that you’ve completed an approved defensive driving course.
                  • Pay-In-Full Discount – If you pay for your premium upfront instead of month to month, Plymouth Rock will take a percentage off of the total cost.
                  • No Accident Discount – This discount rewards loyal customers who go without an accident for five years.
                  • Anti-Theft Discount – You can qualify for this account if you equip your vehicle with alarms and other anti-theft devices.
                  • Away At School Discount – If you have a child who’s away at school and only uses a household vehicle when they visit home, you can receive this discount.
                  • eDocuments Discount- Plymouth Rock will award you with a discount simply for managing your policy online.
                  • Good Student Discount – If you have a high school student on your policy, they can earn a discount if they maintain at least a 3.0 GPA.
                  • New Driver Discount – While adding your teen driver to your policy usually triggers a rate increase, Plymouth Rock will give you a discount if you’ve been with the company for longer than two years.

                    As you can see, Plymouth Rock offers many benefits and discounts that other insurance companies don’t. If you live in one of Plymouth Rock’s coverage areas, and you’re looking for an insurance company that offers excellent customer service, consider requesting a quote from Plymouth Rock.

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