Every Electric Pickup Truck Currently on the Horizon

  • Many automakers, both startups and well-established players, have announced plans to build all-electric pickup trucks.
  • We rounded up all the electric trucks on the horizon from Tesla’s new Cybertruck to Ford’s upcoming electric F-150.
  • However, the COVID-19 pandemic might affect the production timeline for some of these upcoming pickups.

    Tesla is not the only car company preparing to build an all-electric pickup truck, although its new Cybertruck certainly is getting its fair share of attention. When—and if—it hits the marketplace, the Cybertruck will likely have to face some competitors, as numerous other automakers have announced plans to build and sell electric trucks in the near future. Here, we’ve rounded up the growing field of EVs with cargo beds, both from well-established car companies and new startup players.

    GMC Hummer EV SUT

    2022 gmc hummer ev


    General Motors is reviving the Hummer name. Except this time, the pickup truck variant (as well as an SUV) will be electric and badged as a GMC submodel. With a claimed 1000 horsepower and a misleading torque number of 11,500 lb-ft, this fully electric truck is positioned to battle similar EV pickups from rival automakers in what appears to be the next frontier. The Hummer EV sits on 35-inch tires, is equipped with an adaptive air suspension, skid plates, and it has a “Crab Mode” that uses the rear steering to move the truck diagonally. It’ll start at $79,995, though the first model available, arriving later this year, will be the $112,595 fully loaded Edition 1 model. Cheaper versions, as well as an SUV, will arrive for the 2023 model year. –Eric Stafford

    Electric Ford F-150

    2023 ford f150 electric


    Ford builds the best-selling pickup truck in the country, so its decision to create an all-electric version is a big deal. The electric F-150 is expected to appear sometime in 2021, and it’s set to enter production in mid-2022. Ford has already boasted about its capability, executing a stunt where an electric F-150 prototype towed a massive freight train filled with 42 F-150 pickups that weighed one million pounds. Ford hasn’t shared any specs or details about the electric truck yet, though it did say it’ll have more horsepower and torque and faster acceleration than any F-150 currently on the market. –Joey Capparella

    Tesla Cybertruck

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    Tesla wants people to forget everything they know about pickup trucks. With a weird wedgelike shape and DeLorean-esque stainless-steel shell, the Cybertruck certainly eradicates the segment’s long-held conventions. Oh, and it’s dentproof, scratchproof, and allegedly bulletproof. But if Tesla’s ambitious claims that it can tow up to 14,000 pounds and drive more than 500 miles on a single charge are true, the Cybertruck will be more capable than even the current Ford F-150 and will have a longer range than any EV on the market. The all-electric pickup also boasts some impressive performance claims, with an estimated zero-to-60-mph time that’s under three seconds and an adjustable air suspension that can provide up to 16 inches of ground clearance. If it sounds like Tesla intended the Cybertruck to be more capable off-road than a Jeep, quicker than a Porsche, and stronger than all of the best-selling half-ton trucks, well, that’s probably not too farfetched. However, when and whether or not the production version will actually yield these bold proclamations is much more dubious. –Eric Stafford

    Rivian R1T

    2021 Rivian R1T


    American startup company Rivian is planning to throw its electric truck, the 2021 Rivian R1T, into the ring this year with deliveries starting in June. This truck, starting at $75,000, is sized between a mid-size pickup and a full-size. The R1T has multiple levels of power and battery capacity to choose from, but a few things are standard in all trucks: all-wheel drive, the ability to tow up to 11,000 pounds, an adjustable air suspension, and Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities. Rivian says the 105.0-kWh, 135.0-kWh, and 180.0-kWh battery packs are estimated to have a range of 230, 300, and 400 miles, respectively. The 400-mile battery pack will be available in January 2022. Rivian claims that models equipped with the 180.0-kWh pack can hit 60 mph in a supercar-like 3.0 seconds. The interior of the truck features lots of wood and leather, with large display screens for both the gauge cluster and infotainment screen. In addition to being able to tow a lot, the R1T can carry a lot, thanks to a large frunk and bed and a spacious cabin that fits five adults comfortably. –Mihir Maddireddy

    Chevrolet Electric Pickup

    gm chevy electric truck


    Pictured above is what we could see of the electric Chevrolet pickup at an event late 2020. Details are sparse on the electric Chevy pickup, but we do know that it’s on its way. It’ll be based on General Motors’ Ultium platform and will use the batteries in that platform. Given such, the Chevy EV pickup will likely have the ability to carry 200.0 kWh of power, like the Hummer EV. Late in 2020, GM said the Ultium platform can give vehicles a range of up to 450 miles; the Hummer EV offers up to 350 miles, so we expect a figure similar to that. When plans for the electric Chevrolet pickup first surfaced, GM said that it wouldn’t reach the market until 2025. Nonetheless, GM has accelerated its electrification plans and its timeline for new electric vehicles, so the Chevy EV pickup could come before 2023 along with the 20 other EVs GM said it will debut by that year. –Colin Beresford

    Lordstown Endurance

    lordstown endurance

    Lordstown Motors

    Since Lordstown announced that it was accepting $1000 deposits for the 2021 Endurance, the startup EV-maker has released the full details of its forthcoming truck. The Endurance will have a range of over 250 miles, according to Lordstown, supplied by a battery of 109.0-kWh. The pickup will have a towing capacity of 7500 pounds and a horsepower peak of 600. Intended as a fleet vehicle—although will be available to individual customers—the Endurance has a governed speed of 80 mph. Unlike most of the other electric pickups, Lordstown hasn’t released any zero to 60 mph time estimate, but whatever it ends up being, it’ll get there through the power being routed through four hub electric motors. Production of the Endurance has been delayed on several occasions in part due to the coronavirus pandemic, but as of late 2020, the Endurance will roll off the assembly line beginning in fall of 2021 and full production will begin in 2022. It starts at $52,500. –Colin Beresford

    Bollinger B2

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    The Bollinger B2 is the wildest and most expensive of the upcoming electric trucks: priced at $125,000, with geared axle hubs, hydropneumatic suspension, and the ability to carry 16-foot lumber with the tailgate closed. Actually, make that tailgates, plural. There’s one on the front, too, which we guess would make it a frontgate. Grill-gate? We’ll figure this out. Thanks to that exotic suspension and drivetrain—which is like a cross between a Hummer H1 and a Citroen DS—the B2 has a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,001 pounds, thus making it a Class 3 medium truck in the eyes of the Federal Highway Administration. That’s why it gets away with no airbags. With locking diffs, disconnecting sway bars front and rear, and up to 20 inches of ground clearance, the B2 should be a monster off-road. And despite looking like a Cubist take on a Jeep Gladiator, the on-road stats are impressive, too: 614 horsepower, 668 lb-ft of torque, and a 4.5-second 0-60 time. Range is estimated at 200 miles, which isn’t a lot for a vehicle with a 120.0-kWh battery, but obviously range is pretty far down on the B1’s list of priorities. Bollinger is taking deposits now, with production slated to start in the second half of 2020. The company has also added a Chassis Cab model, which will be available to commercial outfitters in late 2021. –Ezra Dyer

    Nikola Badger

    2022 nikola badger rear


    Nikola made a lot of claims about its Badger pickup—that it would be offered in an EV version as well as a hybrid battery-electric/fuel cell version, that it would have 906 peak horsepower and a range of up to 600 miles, that it would do zero to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds—and we thought it would come to fruition when Nikola announced a partnership with GM. Well, that agreement fell through and as a result, it doesn’t look like the Badger will be reaching consumers, perhaps ever. For now, Nikola will be sticking with hydrogen fuel-cell semitrucks. –Colin Beresford

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