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A CURE auto insurance quote is one of the cheapest and most accessible insurances for many drivers with low income and not-so-good credit scores. While the company is only available in two states, it fills an important gap in the insurance industry.

What Is CURE Insurance?

CURE (Citizens’ United Reciprocal Exchange) is a not-for-profit insurance organization that offers affordable car insurance so that drivers with low earning capacity can obtain insurance. The initiative was founded to protect low-income drivers who often encounter discrimination from other car insurers because of their low credit score. At the moment, CURE auto-insurance quotes are only available to Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents.

What Is a CURE Auto Insurance Quote?

A CURE auto insurance quote is a type of car insurance that CURE offers to drivers with low credit scores to eliminate income discrimination. This insurance quote prioritizes drivers with low earning capacity who have few accidents and traffic violations on their driving record.

How Does CURE Respond to Claims?

The majority of CURE customers state that the company’s representatives take a long time to resolve claims. According to these customers, company representatives appear to operate with a disorganized record system, as they often have important paperwork and data out of order.

ValuePenguin reports that some insured drivers also report late payouts. However, a few customers say that the insurance companies resolved and paid for their claims quickly and efficiently.

Does CURE Give Discounts?

CURE awards several discounts to its loyal customers. These discounts are:

Loyalty and Good Driver Discount

CURE provides a 35 percent good driver discounts on bodily injury, collision, comprehensive, medical expense, property damage, and first-party benefits to its customers as long as they fulfill the following criteria:

  • They must have been on the CURE insurance policy for a minimum of 3 years.
  • The driver did not lose their vehicle or commit any traffic violation (minor or major) during their three years on the policy.

    Also, drivers who haven’t lost their vehicle for five years may receive a 40 percent discount if they have been CURE policyholders for at least two years.

    Parking Discount

    CURE policyholders who want to enjoy discounts on collision and comprehensive benefits must always park their car in the following ways:

    • Off-Street Parking Discount: CURE awards a 15 percent discount to policyholders that park their car off-street. Drivers who enjoy this discount park their vehicles in driveways or parking facilities with low security.
    • Secure Parking Discount: CURE-insured drivers who keep their vehicles in garages or highly secure parking facilities may enjoy a 50 percent discount on collision and comprehensive coverage. Clearsurance states that drivers must submit proof of their secure parking facility to the insurance company to qualify for the discount.

      Multi-Vehicle Discount

      CURE may give you a discount on collision benefits if you have more than one car insured with the company.

      What Are the Advantages of CURE?

      CURE auto insurance offers these benefits:

      Low Emphasis on Credit Score

      You do not need a high credit score to purchase insurance with CURE. The auto insurance company only considers your driving history before giving you an insurance quote. If you are a driver who lives in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and you have a good driving record, you can get a CURE insurance quote.

      Great Insurance Rates

      Many CURE customers say that the company’s insurance rates are affordable, especially if you are an unmarried female driver. According to ValuePenguin, a survey in New Jersey showed that young, single women pay the cheapest insurance premium on CURE. The average car insurance rate for single female drivers using the company is 30 percent cheaper than the median auto insurance rate in the U.S.

      Online Insurance Quotes

      CURE allows its customers to purchase their insurance policies online. They also have access to other insurance services online, so customers don’t need to speak to a local agent to buy their car insurance.

      24-hour Roadside Assistance

      If your car develops a fault due to a mechanical or electrical issue, you can call a Roadside Assistance Representative for help. You can find the contact for Roadside Assistance Representatives on the CURE website. Please note that CURE does not permit its insured drivers to use this service for accident-related faults.

      What Are the Disadvantages of CURE?

      Here are some of the disadvantages of CURE auto insurance:

      • Limited to few locations: Only New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents can obtain the CURE auto insurance.
      • The service does not forgive accidents: If you have an accident with your vehicle while you are a CURE policyholder, the insurance company will increase your premium. Also, CURE does not offer its unique Roadside Assistance benefits to policyholders who get into accidents.
      • Expensive online credit card payment: CURE charges high fees for customers who pay online with their credit cards. Valuepenguin reports that it costs about $14.95 to pay for a quote on a computer and $17.95 to pay through customer service officers.
      • Delayed resolution of claims: Many CURE-insured drivers complain that the company’s representatives spend too much time paying their claims.
      • Absence of mobile app for quick service: Several insurance companies use mobile apps to facilitate speedy delivery to their policyholders. However, CURE insurance company lacks a mobile app.

        What Is the Coverage of CURE?

        The CURE website does not specify the coverages that the insurance company offers. Nevertheless, it may be safe to assume that CURE provides all the common types of coverage that Pennsylvania and New Jersey law requires.

        Under New Jersey law, every insurance company must provide:

        • Property Damage Liability: No insurance quotes for property damage law should be less than $5000.
        • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: The New Jersey law requires insurance companies to provide between $15,000 and $30,000 as coverage for uninsured motorist bodily injury.
        • Bodily Injury Liability: The minimum amount the New Jersey state requires as coverage for bodily injury liability is 15,000.

          Pennsylvania law mandates every driver in the state to possess the following coverages:

          • Property Damage Liability: Pennsylvanian law requires insurance companies to offer a minimum amount of $5000 as coverage for Property Damage Liability.
          • Medical Payments: All insurance quotes for medical payments in Pennsylvania must exceed $5000.
          • Bodily Injury Liability: According to Autoinsuranceez, the lowest amount Pennsylvanian law permits for bodily injury liability coverage is $15,000.

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