Brio Virtual Drift Challenge Will Be Released, Honda Focuses on Digital Racing

Automorbit, Cars – Overcoming red report cards due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many manufacturers have improvised by utilizing digitalization facilities to boost sales and promotions.

Similar to PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), they boost sales and take advantage of digital promotions, as well as innovating to popularize virtual car racing in 2020 in Indonesia.

For the first time, the automotive manufacturer in Indonesia, namely PT HPM, created a virtual race called the Honda Racing Simulator Championship (HRSC) last June.

This virtual touring race was immediately greeted with great fanfare by more than 200 registrants and screened to only 60 participants.

To date, two series have been successfully held on the virtual circuit, Suzuka and Sepang.

To repeat the success of the Honda Racing Simulator Championship (HRSC), PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) will launch a mobile game for drift sports lovers.

“In August 2020 we will launch a mobile game titled Brio Virtual Drift Challenge, which presents a drifting competition using a Honda Brio,”

“This is in line with our mission of Everyone Can Race. We believe that digital platforms can bring the fun of racing to more people,”

“Especially during a pandemic that causes a lot of restrictions on outdoor activities,” said Yusak Billy as Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor during a virtual media conference (29/7).

With the presence of the Honda Racing Simulator Championship (HRSC) and the Brio Virtual Drift Challenge (BVDC), it means that Honda has three online-based competitions.

Yups … another one is the Honda Brio Virtual Modification # 3 which has been held since May 2020 and is entering its third year.

This time, the theme adopted is “Racing Garage”, a virtual modification competition attended by more than 700 participants who submitted their works to this day.

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