BMW i3 REx to Honda N600, these are 5 cars that use motorized engines

Automorbit, Cars – It turns out that there are some cool cars that use a motorbike engine as a power producer.

Recorded starting from the BMW i3 REx to the Honda N600 using a motorbike engine behind its cute body.

Using a motorized engine, one of which could be due to the small dimensions of the kitchen runway to fit a compact body.

Quoted from autoevalution, there are about 5 cars that are designed using a motorbike engine.

1. BMW i3 REx

Mobil Menggunakan Mesin Motor

BMW offers the i3 in two variants – EV and range-extender electric vehicle.

While the former are purely electric cars, the latter are vehicles that use a motorcycle engine as a generator.

The i3 REx was created, because BMW remembers that it had previously built a small car with a motorcycle engine.

But on the i3 Rex, the manufacturer doesn’t have an internal combustion unit as small as the one it installs as a generator on this car.

Therefore, the i3 REx comes with a 650 cc engine that BMW also sells in the C650 GT.


2. Iso Isetta and BMW 600

Mobil Menggunakan Mesin Motor

Back in the early 1950’s, people in Italy loved simple vehicles.

Three-wheeled scooters and pickups were popular at that time there, that is the basis behind the creation of the BMW 600.

The Isetta was born, and it has the 200-cubic-centimeter engine of the Iso Moto 200.
The title signifies “a little bit of Iso” in Italian, and it was sooner than expected.

As you can see, passengers enter the vehicle via the front, which has a door that opens with a refrigerator-like handle.

The first version is capable of reaching 75km / h from a single two cylinder petrol engine.


3. Honda N600

Mobil Menggunakan Mesin Motor

Before the appearance of the Civic, Accord and other models from the Honda manufacturer, in the 1950s Honda was better known for its motorbikes than for its cars, but this changed with the Honda N600.
It is an evolution of kei cars sold in other markets, including the United States and Europe.

The N600 is a car that comes with a 600 centimeter inline two-cylinder engine derived from the Honda CB450 motorcycle, which happens to be the first Honda car ever to be officially sold in the United States.

A motorcycle engine adapted for water cooling can reach 9,000 rpm and can travel at speeds of up to 81 mph (130 km / h).


4. Cooper 500

Mobil Menggunakan Mesin Motor

This is a Cooper 500, although not a production car, it is a Formula 3 race car powered by a motorcycle engine.

The Cooper 500 was developed and built by the Cooper Car Company of Surrey.

The engine of choice was the 500 cubic centimeter single-cylinder JAP motorcycle engine.

JAP stands for J.A. Prestwich, and the unit was also used by Morgan Motor Company, Reliant, and several other automakers.

Cooper cars dominated the F3 category in their heyday, and Jack Brabham’s 1959 victory over the 1959 Formula World Championship, which was repeated in the 1960 season.



5. Morgan 3-Wheeler

Mobil Menggunakan Mesin Motor

In the last place, there is Morgan 3-Wheeler, which is basically a three-wheeled car manufacturer.

However, Morgan 3-Wheeler isn’t about direct performance.

This is something for those who enjoy driving something with an open cockpit.


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