Answering the Question of How Much is Car Insurance in Virginia

Virginia Car Insurance Prices

Having information about how much is car insurance in Virginia for different insurers based on age, credit history, driving record, and more, can help you make a more informed decision when choosing an insurance company, appropriate coverage, and affordable pricing.

Virginia Auto Insurance Costs by Insurer

Insurance companies offering the lowest rates for full coverage include the Virginia Farm Bureau with an average annual cost of $891 and a monthly premium of $74. State Farm’s average annual cost is $1044 and $87 per month, and GEICO insurance is $1103 annually and $137 monthly.

Virginia Auto Insurance Premiums by Driver Age

According to The Zebra, the following list reflects the average yearly premium for car insurance in Virginia for ages 15 to 70.

  • Age 16 – $4185.37
  • Age 17 – $3605.64
  • Age 18 – $3156.75
  • Age 19 – $2266.00
  • The 20s – $1244.51
  • The 30s – $875.49
  • The 40s – $837.11
  • The 50s – $766.20
  • The 60s – $799.77
  • The 70s – $1022.26

    Virginia Car Insurance Premiums by Gender and Marital Status

    The average yearly rate for car insurance in Virginia for men and women is almost equal. For men, the rate is $894.16 and for women, it is $894.81.

    Marital status also factors into the cost when searching for insurance coverage in Virginia. According to The Zebra, the average annual rate is $894.16 for singles, $807.03 if married, $894.16 if divorced, and $894.51 if widowed.

    Average Virginia Insurance Rates After a Violation or Accident

    According to NerdWallet, several insurance companies offer coverage at various rates for drivers who have had an at-fault accident or been cited with a DUI. For a 20-year-old driver with a recent accident, Alfa insurance is $745 per year, GEICO is $786, Travelers is $802, the Virginia Farm Bureau is $998, and Erie is $1042.

    According to Value Penguin, young drivers who have been issued a speeding ticket will pay $3370 yearly and $281 monthly with Erie, $3595 annually and $300 monthly with State Farm, and $3611 per year and $301 monthly with GEICO.

    A 20-year-old with a DUI can expect to pay annually an average of $948 with Travelers, $957 with the Virginia Farm Bureau, $959 with GEICO, $1071 with Progressive, and $1178 with Erie.

    Thirty-year-old drivers with an at-fault accident pay an average annual premium of $1252 with the Virginia Farm Bureau, $1255 with Nationwide, $1356 with State Farm, $1400 with Erie, and $1455 with Travelers.

    The least expensive insurers for 30-year-old drivers with a DUI are $1128 per year with the Virginia Farm Bureau, $1149 with Progressive, $1504 with Nationwide, $1583 with State Farm, and $1587 with Travelers.

    Average annual rates for 40-year-old drivers with a recent at-fault accident are $1198 for the Virginia Farm Bureau, $1209 with Nationwide, $1296 with Erie, State Farm is $1331, and Travelers is $1369.

    Forty-year-old drivers with a DUI have average yearly premiums of $1153 with the Virginia Farm Bureau, $1391 with Progressive, $1458 with Nationwide, $1495 with Travelers, and $1553 with Erie.

    Drivers in the 50-year-old category with an at-fault accident have annual premiums of $1440 with Nationwide, $1224 with the Virginia Farm Bureau, $1230 with Erie, $1304 with State Farm, and $1335 with GEICO.

    A 50-year-old driver with a DUI on the record will pay $1143 with the Virginia Farm Bureau, $1281 with Progressive, Nationwide is $1393 yearly, Travelers is $1466, and the annual premium for Erie Insurance is $1474.

    Sixty-five-year-old drivers with an at-fault accident on their record can also get full coverage car insurance at lower prices. Annual premiums with Nationwide are $1121, State Farm is $1226, Alfa is $1241, Erie is $1154, and Travelers is $1363.

    For 65-five-year-old drivers who have been issued a DUI, yearly rates are $1222 for the Virginia Farm Bureau, $1370 for Nationwide, $1425 for Progressive, $1436 for State Farm, and $1487 for Travelers.

    Virginia Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Tier

    Credit history is a factor in determining car insurance rates in Virginia. Annual average rates are based on credit scores ranging from 300 to 850. Insurance for a driver with very poor credit with a rating of 300 to 579 costs $1609.37. A fair score of 580 to 669 is $1324.43. Good ratings from 670 to 739 are $1108.45. Cost for a very good credit score of 740 to 799 is $937.09, and for exceptional credit from 800 to 850, the average cost is $820.83.

    List of Insurance Companies in Virginia

    According to Bankrate, Erie Insurance, GEICO, Nationwide, Travelers, and State Farm are currently the best companies for car insurance. USAA is also a high-ranking company, but coverage is only available to active military, veterans, and family members.


    Q. I need to get insurance in Virginia. What do I need?

    A. Information the insurance company will need is your name and age, your complete home address, the car’s make and model, and the VIN number.

    Q. Is cheap insurance available in Virginia?

    A. Yes, but there are several factors insurance companies consider such as your age, where you live, and your driving history. Other factors include your credit history, gender, marital status, car type, and yearly mileage. To find the best options, request quotes from several companies.

    Q. Is there an alternative to buying car insurance for vehicles registered in Virginia?

    A. There is. If you are unable to purchase car insurance through normal channels due to situations such as a conviction or poor credit, the Virginia Automobile Insurance Plan is an option.

    Q. What companies in Virginia offer lower rates for young drivers?

    A. Ranking from least expensive to most expensive, the following insurers offer full coverage. Annual premiums are $3008 for Erie, $3263 for State Farm, $3611 for GEICO, and $4056 for the Virginia Farm Bureau. Progressive’s annual premium is $6651, Nationwide is $6894, Travelers is $7354, and Allstate is $7708. The average annual premium is $4991.

    Q. Is it possible to get discounts on car insurance?

    A. Yes. Check with different insurers and ask what discounts are available. These may include discounts for veterans, homeowners, students, and those with a good driving record.

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