2021 Ford Bronco in Four Different Flavors

2021 ford bronco configurator


You can’t even officially order a 2021 Ford Bronco yet—only reservations are open—and you won’t be able to until December of this year. However, the configurator is now live, so you can start building your own. Ford told Car and Driver that it’s seeing the most interest in fully-equipped models such as the Wildtrak (making up 26 percent of reservations) and Badlands with the more powerful 2.7-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine—10 percent of total reservations are equipped with the seven-speed manual.

It’s just the beginning of the new Bronco’s story, and we can’t wait to start seeing them on the road next year. Special editions, which could include the Raptor or Warthog model, will be coming as well. “There will continue to be enhancements to the [Bronco],” Mark Grueber, Ford’s marketing manager told Car and Driver. “Everything from colors and options to special editions that’ll be coming as we get the plant up and running.”

Here’s how Car and Driver editors would order their 2021 Ford Bronco:

Joey Capparella’s $38,000 2021 Ford Bronco Base Four-Door

2021 ford bronco base


2021 ford bronco interior

I’m a sucker for a nice set of steelies, so I went with the base four-door Bronco for its almost commercial-grade look. In keeping with that theme, I picked a white exterior—should I go a step further and paint the windows white to create a Bronco cargo van? The manual transmission, which is offered in four-cylinder two-door models, is an interesting novelty these days. But because four-door models come with an automatic anyway, I went with the more powerful 2.7-liter V-6 engine for $1895. The only other options I chose were the $220 splash guards and the $695 hardtop with its $495 sound deadening headliner. My total comes in at a nice even $38,000. —Joey Capparella

Drew Dorian’s $39,380 2021 Ford Bronco Big Bend Two-Door

2021 ford bronco big bend


2021 ford bronco interior

As I’m building various Broncos I’m struck by how expensive these trucks can get once you start adding on options. So, I’m thinking I’d go pretty reasonable here and stick with the two-door Big Bend model. It’s not the most basic one and it has some cool available options so I’m not being a total cheapskate.

Of the available colors, I like Antimatter Blue the best and I’d pair that with the Medium Sandstone cloth upholstery for the seats. I’d splurge on the Mid package, which adds a ton of features such as ambient interior lighting, dual-zone automatic climate control, heated front seats, and remote start. I’d also upgrade to the turbocharged 2.7-liter V-6 and 10-speed automatic for a little extra power and hopefully some semblance of fuel economy—I have a feeling that the standard turbo four-cylinder is going to guzzle gas trying to keep this big Bronco moving. As for accessories, I’d take it easy, but I think $395 for side steps is a good value, and $220 for splash guards will hopefully keep rock chips off my paint. Another thing I’d be willing to pay for is the optional sound absorbing headliner. It might make the top panels more heavy to remove, but I’d rather pay that price for a bit more civility when the top is on. —Drew Dorian

Colin Beresford’s $49,879 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks Two-Door

2021 ford bronco outer banks


2021 ford bronco interior

The tricky thing about building out the Ford Bronco is that—and kudos to Ford on this—there’s a lot of cool stuff to choose from, all of which really pulls the price of your truck up. So much so that this at times feels more like a Porsche configurator than one from Ford. Anyway, keeping in mind that my daily commute likely wouldn’t be off road, I went with the two-door Outer Banks. This model gives me a great deal of choice in creature comforts and doesn’t come with mileage-killing add-ons.

I kept the standard wheels and tires and added on the $495 sound deadening headliner, $365 roof rails with crossbars, and then $825 for an upgraded front bumper with a skid plate. I also added the $110 keyless-entry keypad, because I don’t want to have to worry about my keys when I’m riding or running. I then added the Lux package—which costs $3590—because there’s no way I’m buying a new vehicle in 2020 without a heated steering wheel and adaptive cruise control, and that also gets me the 12-inch infotainment screen, rear power outlets, and a wireless charging pad. I opted for the optional $1895 2.7-liter engine because I want that extra power in case I acquire that Airstream trailer I’ve been eyeing, and of course added the $595 towing package. And last but not least, I threw in the portable fridge/freezer, because I simply couldn’t resist. That brings my total to $49,879, a number I’ll be able to forget about as I fly down trails. —Colin Beresford

Connor Hoffman’s $51,684 2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak Two-Door

2021 ford bronco wildtrak


2021 ford bronco interior

When the Bronco was revealed, I was all for the base model equipped with the Sasquatch package. But you can’t get a base model in the sexy Area 51 paint? Um, no thank you. So, doing a full 180, I’m going down the fully-loaded two-door Wildtrak model rabbit hole, and going imaginatively broke while doing it.

The Wildtrak already comes equipped with the beefy Sasquatch package, which is perfect for what I’m going to put my Bronco through on the trails in northern Michigan and southwest Utah every year. To make it even more badass, I’m adding things like the heavy-duty bumper ($825), upgraded steel bash plates, and skipping the $300 brush guard because I can get a better one from the aftermarket. Inside, it’s cloth seats all the way because the interior is getting filthy on the reg, and I’m not worrying about fancy leather seats—floor mats ($160), though, to protect them. I’m not worrying about any of the equipment groups, either, because, like I said, this thing is getting dirty, and I’ll be mounting all sorts of accessories on the dash anyway. And oh, look, I can add a Yakima roof-top tent for $1,859, so I’m pretty much set for life for a total of $51,684. —Connor Hoffman

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